book blurb service

Need a book description? 

How can a few paragraphs for a story you already know be so hard to write?

Especially when you need to make it sound intriguing, and dynamic, and include commercial hooks.

How can you make sure that you’re targeting the right markets? How can you get across everything that makes your book special in such a small amount of space?

How can you distill your full sized novel into just a few “sexy” — and more importantly, marketable — paragraphs?

Well… you can hire a copy editor who can do just that.

How we work together:

You will schedule a call with me, either on the phone (for US clients) or on Google Meet (for US or international clients) and in 30 minutes, we’ll discuss your story. You can use this link to get on the calendar:

On the call, I will ask you a lot of questions about your genre, your characters, your storyline. 

From there, while you are on the call with me, we’ll craft a book description that can be used for marketing your work, whether that’s on a distribution site, on your website, or in a query letter.

By the end of the call, I will send you the file with the finished book description.

No forms to fill out or questionnaires to answer. No trying to write a synopsis so it can then be made into a different, shorter synopsis. No lag time between a number of often endless and frustrating revisions.

Half an hour. One blurb. And you’ll be off and running.



The cost for a book description session is $100. Due to the interactive and immediate nature of how the blurb is crafted, no revisions are offered… simply because they’re not needed. 

For more details, see the Policy Page.