I don’t know what I need…
How can coaching help?

Does this sound like you?

  • “I’m just starting out, and I’ve been reading a lot, and even taken a few classes, but I can’t seem to really get my project going.”
  • “I’m getting so much conflicting advice, I’m not sure what to do.”
  • “I’ve been writing for years, but I’m stuck trying to get this novel finished.  I need someone to help me get unstuck!”
  • “I work better with more personalized advice.  I’m not really getting what I need from my critique group/writer’s group/what I’m finding on my own.”
  • “I wish someone would look over what I’ve got and tell me if I’m on the right track!”
  • “I need help as I go, not just at the beginning and end.”
  • “I’d love some writing career advice — someone to really recognize what I do, and help me decide what the best choices are for my writing.”

Ongoing mentoring might help.

Basically, ongoing mentoring involves regularly scheduled calls, along with regular email check-ins and questions, that help you identify:

  • Where your strengths are
  • What needs some help (and how to address that)
  • What you want, and why you want it
  • What to do next

It also helps give you accountability, as well as plenty of emotional and instructional support.

A pro in your back pocket.

With ongoing mentoring, you’ll be able to draw from the experiences of nearly twenty years in the publishing industry, from writing to publishing to promotion.  No matter where you are in the cycle, you’ll have someone to field questions and offer advice, perspective, and suggestions based on your specific writing career.

here’s how ongoing coaching works:

  • First, we’ll start with the half hour free consult, so we can decide if ongoing mentoring is really what you need.  We’ll also discuss where you are, what you want to write, what your goals are for your writing career at this point, and what you’re looking for in a coach.
  • Then, you can order a package of coaching hours… just one or two to start, or a larger block of time that you can use as needed. I bill via Paypal.  Once you’ve decided how many hours you’d like to purchase, we’ll send the invoice via email.  We limit to four hours at a time, although we can split scheduling into half hours or even fifteen minute check-ins. (Minimum purchase is one hour.)
  • If you just need accountability, you can order a package of half-hour “check-ins” and perhaps add the reading rate for editing — turning in pages for me to read through to give verbal only feedback.
  • Finally, we’ll start to schedule your coaching sessions, and set up regular check-ins via email as needed in addition to recorded phone calls.

The benefits of ongoing coaching

  • You’ll have one-on-one guidance, with a program tailored to your specific individual needs.
  • You’ll get a new sense of clarity and confidence:  email anytime with questions, on both the writing and the industry.
  • You’ll feel energized and excited about your project, especially if you’re feeling stuck or listless.
  • You’ll have a “sounding board” and “perspective check” for those times when you feel like the story you loved only yesterday is suddenly a huge, chaotic mess.
  • You’ll also have a friendly, supportive, but still incisive mentor to help you see what’s working for you — and what isn’t.
  • You’ll have a sense of accountability and a regular check-in routine, which will help you stay on track, and move your writing career forward.

Pricing & Scheduling

  • A la carte phone call rates are $150 per hour. Hours can be split into half or quarter hour increments, but a full hour is the minimum for purchase. 

    You can also purchase and bank a discounted “four pack” of hours at $135 per hour, for a total of $540. These hours are good for a full year after purchase. 

    How to schedule ongoing mentoring:

    • Start with the free half hour coaching consultation, to make sure this is right for you.
    • lf you decide to move forward, you will be invoiced via Paypal and given the Calendar link to get on Cathy’s schedule.
    • Email any time with questions!