Why you’re here

You really, really, really want to be published. You want to be the kind of author that is on keeper shelves, auto-buy lists, bestseller lists.

Maybe you’ve got the ideas, but you’re having trouble finishing the manuscript. Or you’ve got the completed manuscript, but can’t seem to nail the query letters.  Maybe you get requests for full manuscripts, but can’t seem to close the contract. Or you’ve sold a book or two, but you’re having trouble juggling promo and writing.

You’re having trouble getting your fiction career to the next level, whatever that level is.

Why I’m here

I’m also a writer.  I adore genre fiction with a passion that defies reason, logic, and the laws of physics.

I love selling stories to people who love the stories I write. I believe that if you’re writing stories, you want to share your stories. That means you want to get published.  I believe if you’re going to get published, that means selling it to people who will appreciate it enough to pay you for it, whether that’s a traditional publisher, e-publisher, small indie press, or on your own.

I signed the contract for my first novel in 1999. Since then, I’ve sold 21 novels, three novellas, and a non-fiction book with several major publishing houses, I’ve self-published four novels and six non-fiction reference books, and I’ve been “showrunner” for a traditionally published series project.  I’m still selling.

I’m a self-employed mother of a teenager.  When I first had my son, my writing speed dropped and my energy level evaporated.
I learned how to write and promote consistently and effectively with a small amount of time, money, and energy.  As a result, I inadvertently learned that systems and processes are my superhero powers. I then learned I can teach these things.

I critique manuscripts, query letters and proposal packages. I coach writing and fiction career building.


If you’re interested in coaching, editing, or any other services, please email me, and check out the services page, which might help you narrow things down.

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And if you just want to touch base and maybe ask a few questions, feel free to email me directly.  I’d love to hear from you!

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