Marketing Sessions

Your Customized Marketing and Promotion Plan:

Figure out what you need to do, and when, to promote and market your novels — in one hour.

It seems like everyone says “you need to build your platform!”  Publishers and industry professionals say, “the author is responsible for promoting her own book.”  There is a metric ton of conflicting advice out there, and more tactics than you could do in a lifetime, much less squeeze in to your already packed schedule.

Instead of bombarding you with tactics, I’ll help you pin down your strategy, and come up with a specific plan that you can actually accomplish in twelve months, based on your existing brand, promotional personality, time constraints, and goals.

How marketing sessions work.

Prior to our call, you’ll fill out a questionnaire that tells me where your career is, what kind of release schedule you’re dealing with (if you have one), what your goals are, and your existing promotional foundation.  I’ll look over your website, social media, book descriptions, and anything brand related.

Once we have the recorded call, I’ll ask questions and take notes, helping you pin down the elements of your branding, and what your goals are for the next year (and why.)

I’ll also ask about your schedule, and your time and energy constraints, so I can suggest promotional options that you’ll actually be able to accomplish.

From there, we’ll look at tactics, and how they fit into the overall sales cycle — whether you need to build awareness, qualify interest, strengthen desire, or boost your calls to action that ultimately drive your sales, list subscribes, and shares.

We’ll pin down metrics — the quantifiable things that show you how well something’s doing (or not doing.)  And we’ll make sure that you’re putting times to check those metrics in your marketing calendar.

When the hour’s done, you will have:

  • A snapshot of your brand identity
  • A list of marketing foundation items to create or tweak,
  • A set, clear, actionable goal for your marketing
  • An action plan for what you’ll do moving forward in the next twelve months
  • A set of metrics, so you can see what’s actually working (and what isn’t) and adjust the plan accordingly.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the marketing you’re “supposed” to be doing — a marketing session phone call might be just what you need.

The overwhelming emotion that clients say they feel after a session is “relief.”  The combination of guilt, anxiety and confusion when you know you should be doing something, but you’re not sure what, or when you pour out a lot of energy, only to wonder if it did any good at all, can be both overwhelming and exhausting.  Think of it as clearing out a room — you’ll breathe easier, feel more organized, energized, and able to free up time to do something you really enjoy (like writing!)

Revisit the session whenever you like.

After the call, you’ll receive an mp3 recording of the session, to listen to any time you like.  These conversations tend to be very dense — we cover a lot of ground — and the more you listen, the more you’ll get out of it.  In addition, you’ll get a write-up of what we discussed, with your marketing plan/calendar, in a Word or pdf document.

The cost.

A single marketing session costs $825.

The sessions are prepaid.  There is a 50% cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice.  (See the boring policy page for more details.)

How to set up a marketing session.

Contact Cathy at Cathy @  She’ll schedule a date for you, as well as send you the marketing questionnaire and a payment link.  If you have any questions, or want more details prior to scheduling, please feel free to email, as well!

Let’s make your promotion painless,

and your marketing manageable.

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